4 Ekim 2007 Perşembe

Doorstep - October

We were welcoming the biennial held this year, saying “welcome, biennial of the city!” goody goody! Someone from far away once said “... it is a crucial problem that the modernization model advocated by the Kemalist project is still full of some bolt from the blue, unsolvable contradictions and dilemmas, which are embraced by the system itself..."

Some correspondingly said that,
“In the call of biennial, our Independence War is described as ‘Kemalist project’, ‘bolt from the blue’ and the applied revolutions as ‘against the principle of democracy’. We denounce it.”Then the ones, expected to make the last stroke, said:
“We would expect a university, as an institution of arts and culture, show the sensitivity on free thought, at least, as much as we do and also wish it regarded the activities like biennial on an artistic basis.”
Just as we, “the 4th ones”, were about to say something to “the first one”, “the second one” was uneasy and couldn’t help itself. Then “the third”, contrary to the phrase of its own content, all of a sudden, appeared on the stage, converting the tragedies to comedy, let alone making the last shot!
In fact, that implied “the first one” was satisfactory for everyone and everything with its solo spectacle. For example, see those words, written on the alike platform with the others(1st, 2nd ones), which state “it should get back its social rights against the liberal capitalist powers, like IMF and World Bank, by means of mass movements and resistance.”, uttered prior to these words, “Adverse of capitalism? No, we are not. (No, no, it is not. Of course it is not!) As a response to a question asked on the press meeting, one sponsor beside, the other one by the other side, on the opening day of the activity.
We will not surrender our optimism and get focused on the biennial itself. The entirety is not only comprised of those triples, it always requires a fourth one!
“In addition”, it is necessary after all!