9 Kasım 2007 Cuma

Doorstep-November "The Centre of Culture"

If you leave from time and practice, you also leave from place. While ECC project (I am talking about Istanbul, European Capital of Culture in 2010) that is in AKP monopole is lapsing, the whole process is reduced to destroying of AKM, right now. The ECC organization, in which lots of people from almost all sectors are in it, is a culture monopoly and it has been left to the initiative of local administrations; so being “constrain” of the first impression and organizing a “display window” is showed.
The mental of another age dooms to recent date; AKM is wanted to be destroyed because of its “oldness” that also biennial has pointed on. This mentality that is devoid even from archaic protection instinct atomizes to the public; playing an underhand game.
When we start from the idea that we publish to the bill in this issue, we met a catatonic power, who always talk about civility emphasis. “We couldn’t give the bill” answer that came from bureau of Istanbul 2010 repeated itself with “So, you should wait to law’s accepted by assembly” against to our reproach as “But, when the new issue of our magazine will be published, probably the bill will be accepted without any changing.”
The lines of liberal democracy are narrow or wide as much as it applies a comfortable moving area itself. The mentality of rant is only apprehension of a power, which brings market to top, and also who’s itself is a market.
For us, the areas such as we get culture “as a family”, when having fun and shopping open;